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Spring is upon us, and with that comes the season for a crawfish boil. Like many appetizing creatures, there is only a specific time of year that crawfish are readily available. The conditions have to be just right, usually warmer and wet. “Southern Living” reminds us that a good way to remember the season is to time it by the holidays. So, when is crawfish season? Christmas is a little early, but rest assured by Easter the mudbugs should be abundant. Hosting crawfish boils are a tradition of the south and very popular. So, why not do it yourself and host one? Well, to clarify, we are not saying you shouldn’t, rather we’d like to share a couple of reasons to consider the alternative.

1. Crawfish Boil – It’s a HOT Mess!

While it can be fun to dig through a heaping pile of crawfish, finding yourself a big catch, it’s also messy. Not just for the consumer, but for the host. You may be excited to show off your crawfish boil recipe, but someone’s got to clean up the kitchen. At the end of the day (or night) someone has to be responsible for breaking down the tables, cleaning them off and sweeping up the discarded pieces.

2. Liability

Traditionally, there are a lot of people (and kids) at crawfish boils. Combine boiling hot pots of mudbugs, wandering kids and perhaps a few intoxicated adults and you have a recipe for disaster. Of course, many hosts are responsible adults. However, it’s impossible to prevent every accident. In the event that there is a major incident at your boil, it’s difficult to say what the legal outcome could be. Liability laws vary upon location, so we won’t delve into it. However, it is an interesting read and you can check it out here: Policy Genius.

The Local’s Eatery – The Perfect Alternative to Hosting a Crawfish Boil

Of course, we wouldn’t just give you a bunch of reasons to not host your own boil without providing an alternative. The Local’s Eatery in Niceville hosts several crawfish boils throughout the season. At the time of this post, they’ve hosted a couple for 2022. While none are currently scheduled, be sure to check their Facebook page for the next one, as it will be posted there ahead of time. Crawfish not your thing, no worries! The Local’s has an assortment of seafood, chicken, steak, smoked meats, hearty entrees and local vegetables…. all made fresh by Chef Cory Hassett, a well known and award winning chef! Short on time? Stop in for some of their award-winning appetizers or grab some take-out. Crawfish boil or not, come to the Local’s Eatery for a delicious meal and they’ll even clean up after you!

The Local’s Public House Eatery – 113 John Sims Parkway W. – Niceville, FL – – Located behind Emerald Coast Marine on Hwy 20 W. in Niceville.

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