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Spring is upon us, providing a great opportunity for outdoor dining. Of course, in the Destin area, we experience a much earlier spring season than our northern friends. So, why not take advantage of the long warmer months and do something healthy? The good news is that this healthy activity is fun and easy! We’re referring to outdoor dining. That’s right, it’s easy, fun and good for your health.

1. Outdoor Dining Boosts Your Immune System

For most of us, outdoor activity can cause happiness. When we are happy we have a reduced level of stress. Less stress is an immune system booster (Vitacost). Additionally, eating outdoors can enhance digestion. According to Suzanne Cushwa Rusnak, coordinator of mindfulness programming for University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, when we are stressed, we do not enjoy eating as much, in turn we won’t digest as well either (Vitacost). Not only can you boost your immune system by eating outdoors, you can also enhance your mood.

2. Improved Mood

Who doesn’t like to be in a good mood? Well, perhaps we’ve encountered some folks that seem to be the exception. But for the rest of us, being in a good mood is, well… good! But why exactly? Well for one, if you’re in a good mood you are not feeling depressed. But beyond that obvious comment, this leads us to the next benefit of outdoor dining. Eating outdoors boosts your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D can protect against osteoporosis, heart attacks, strokes and, you guessed it… depression. Dining at a restaurant can also be a great chance to socialize, which is also great for your health!

3. Provides the Opportunity for Socialization

The majority of folks dine out with friends, family and colleagues. No matter who it is, this presents a chance to socialize. Socializing actually has many of the same aforementioned health benefits. Additionally, people who socialize frequently have performed well on memory tests and even be less likely to develop dementia (Psychology Today). So, with all of the health benefits available, where can you go for the best outdoor dining?

The Local’s Eatery – It’s Good for Your Health

The Local’s Eatery offers outdoor dining at its best! Great food, great views and great staff make it the perfect place to eat. They also have a shade sail providing plenty of shade on those hotter days. Want to bring it indoors? They offer a great indoor atmosphere as well. Whether you want to enjoy a cold beverage at the bar or enjoy the view of the bayou from their abundant window seats, there’s a place for everyone to enjoy.

Oh, and of course, the food! They have some unique items that you’ won’t find anywhere else, like “The Loaf.” It’s bacon-wrapped, smoked and topped with sweet chili BBQ sauce. It ain’t your momma’s meatloaf, but you’re sure to like it just as well. Of course, there’s a menu to satisfy the little one’s, cleverly coined “The Little Local’s” menu. So, the next time you’re looking for a healthy outdoor activity, visit The Local’s Eatery in Niceville, FL!