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A simple search for “outdoor dining near me” can yield many results. So, how do you know which restaurants are worth your hard-earned money? Additionally, how do you know that the atmosphere will be right for you and/or your group? If you are in the Niceville, FL area, then it’s easy… The Local’s Eatery is worth the visit every time! For those of you not in the area, we’ll share some insight that will hopefully help you choose the right outdoor dining atmosphere.

Outdoor Dining Near Me: Choose with Your Eyes

A picture is worth a thousand words and this couldn’t be more true in today’s world. Anyone with internet can quickly search for restaurants and likely find pictures of their dishes online. Click on the photos they offer. “Fine Dining Lovers” recommends that you carefully look at the photo and compare the presentation versus the menu description (Fine Dining Lovers, 2020). Of course, if you have the time, why not see it for yourself? If you have a place or two in mind, head out well before you plan to dine and take a look at it. Doing so should give you an idea of the staff’s behavior, style and atmosphere of the place (Fine Dining Lovers, 2020). Oh and of course, you can check out the outdoor dining area too! Finally, don’t forget to look at the reviews. Be careful though, as “Fine Dining Lovers” points out, many of the reviews can be fake (Fine Dining Lovers, 2020).

The Local’s Eatery: Trust their Reviews!

As mentioned earlier, if your in the Niceville/Destin/Fort Walton Beach, FL area, then you are in luck! The Local’s Eatery is proud of its hundreds of positive reviews and that they are all from genuine patrons. Of course, the Local’s has an amazing outdoor dining atmosphere as well! Enjoy a nice warm day overlooking Boggy Bayou with a cold beverage and a delicious meal. Concerned about too much sun? No worries, they have a shade sail so that customers can enjoy the water-front views comfortably. Of course, there’s plenty of room inside as well. Either way, there’s lots of space and great food for your whole family or crew!



Google Reviews – The Local’s Eatery