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The Local’s Eatery in Niceville provides fantastic water views without the Destin congestion!

Spring and summer in Destin, FL: chirping birds, bright sunshine, the smell of blooming flowers and salt water. Ah yes, today is a great day to eat at a water view restaurant. As you prepare to head out on your 5-mile, 50-minute drive you think, there’s got to be a better option. Fortunately, there is! The Local’s Eatery is an award-winning water view restaurant without Destin traffic. Close to Destin, they serve great food in a comfortable atmosphere with plenty of outdoor seating. If somehow dining outside, especially with a water view is not your thing, let’s explore the benefits.

Health Benefits of Dining at a Water View Restaurant

Boost vitamin D levels, improve your mood and concentration! No, not empty promises from the next big cure-all drug, but rather just a few benefits from being outside. According to Westchester Magazine, Vitamin D can protect against such diseases as osteoporosis, depression, heart attacks and stroke (westchestermagazine.com, n.d.). Being outside can also boost your immune system. Spending time outdoors reduces stress, which consequently boosts the immune system (Malek, n.d.). Finally, with stress levels reduced, digestion improves and food actually tastes better. According to Suzanne Cushwa Rusnak, coordinator of mindfulness programming for University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, when we are stressed, we do not enjoy eating as much, in turn we won’t digest as well either (Malek, n.d.). Something that causes stress is traffic, therefore why not eat at the Local’s Eatery: A water view restaurant without Destin traffic!

A Water View Restaurant without Destin Traffic! — The Local’s Eatery

The Local’s Eatery is located in Niceville, away from the crowded streets and long wait times in Destin. They feature an assortment of seafood, chicken, steak, smoked meats, hearty entrees and local vegetables…. all made fresh by Chef Cory Hassett, a well known and award winning chef! “What you’re going to see here are a lot of smoked items….we have some heartier stuff, seafood, greens and a kid’s menu we call ‘Little Locals’” says the Chef. Not interested in a big meal, or short on time? No worries, stop in for some of their award-winning appetizers. So next time you are hungry in or near Destin, go where the local’s go, the Local’s Eatery.

The Local’s Public House Eatery – 113 John Sims Parkway W. – Niceville, FL – – Located behind Emerald Coast Marine on Hwy 20 W. in Niceville.

(850) 279-4538