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Yes, It’s OK to Eat Out! No Cooking + No dishes = More Quality Time with the Family!

How about a night of no cooking, no dishes and quality time with the family? Contrary to what you may have heard, dining out has many benefits! For starters, dining out brings the family together to actually sit down at the table together. Let’s face it, the kids can’t eat in their bedrooms at a restaurant. Of course, in today’s world with a plethora of activities for the kids it can be challenging to get everyone together. However, by scheduling ahead for at least one family dine-out a week, you should be able to avoid any schedule conflicts. With the family all in one place, it provides a great opportunity for communication.

Without the normal distractions in the house, the family can learn more about each other’s lives by simply listening to one another. Absent are cooking and dishwashing, facilitating more time to communicate. Finally, if none of the above are great reasons for you, how about the occasion to just enjoy some great food!?

Fortunately, The Local’s Eatery is a great place to reap all of the aforementioned benefits. They have great views, your kids will love the “little local’s” menu and plenty of seating inside or out! Additionally, with current physical distancing guidelines established, you’ll have plenty of privacy to enjoy your discussion. Oh, and they won’t ask you to do the dishes!

The Local’s Public House Eatery, located at 113 John Sims Parkway W., features an assortment of seafood, chicken, steak, smoked meats, hearty entrees and local vegetables…. all made fresh by Chef Cory Hassett, a well known and award winning chef!

What you’re going to see here are a lot of smoked items….we have some heartier stuff, seafood, greens and a kid’s menu we call ‘Little Locals’” says the Chef.

The Local’s Public House Eatery

113 W John Sims Pkwy

Niceville, FL 32578


(850) 279-4538


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