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Grilling for large parties can present drama, so why not eat at the Local’s Instead?

You’ve scoured the web for 4th of July grilling ideas, made your grocery list and survived the supermarket. As you depart the store, you’ve forgotten one thing, an umbrella. After wandering the lot looking for your car, you’ve made it home, a soaking-wet, hot mess. Sound like fun? Tired of searching for 4th of July grilling ideas? Eat at the Local’s instead! Perhaps grilling for large parties is your thing, but have you considered the hazards?

While it can be fun, grilling presents an inherent risk of danger

July is when the majority of grill fires occur, additionally, between 2014 and 2018, roughly 19,700 patients per year were seen at the ER for grill-involved injuries according to the National Fire Protection Association, (NFPA, 2021). That’s not to say that one should not grill out, but it’s obviously important to consider the risks. It can be fun to host a large group but also consider liability in the event something should go wrong. Preventing folks from hurting themselves and keeping minors out of the booze are likely major concerns, among others. Liability laws vary based upon location, so for the purpose of this post, we will steer away from the details. However, it is an interesting read and you can start here: https://www.policygenius.com/blog/could-your-summer-party-get-you-sued/. So, with the headaches of hosting a grill-out, the risk of danger and liability in mind, why not skip the drama, and eat at the Local’s!?

Skip the drama, eat at the Local’s!

Instead of worrying about backyard prep, getting groceries, and babysitting the one that had too much (there’s always at least one), why not invite everyone to the Local’s for some great food and awesome views?! Don’t worry about missing out on the great outdoors in the backyard. The Local’s has plenty of outdoor seating, and not only that, it’s on the water! Also, if the sun is too much, they have a covered patio section too! There’s something to eat for everyone. Seafood, smoked meats, fresh vegetables and award-winning apps all from an award-winning chef! The kids have plenty to choose from too, on the “Little Local’s” menu. So, stop searching for 4th of July grilling ideas and eat at the local’s instead!

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